Why Should I Consider a Roof Replacement?

Why Should I Consider a Roof Replacement?The roof does more than just protect your interior from the elements, it helps your house maintain structural integrity, and in some cases it can add to the attractiveness of the home. The walls of your house are all connected to the roof structure, helping to hold them up. While designed to last for many years, there are several reasons to replace the roof on your home or commercial property before the end of the roof's normal lifespan. Any roofing work should be completed by a professional roofer that can get the job done safely and correctly. Let's look at some of the more common roof replacement reasons.

Damaged Roof

If your roof has suffered damage due to high winds, hail or other types of wild weather it may be time to replace the whole roof. While roof repair is often possible, if the damage is severe enough or if it is getting close to the time you would need to replace the roof anyway, take advantage of having to need a roofer come to your home and replace the whole roof, instead of just the fixing the damage.


If you're remodeling a house or adding a new addition you may want to budget for a new roof. A remodel is a perfect time for a roof replacement as you can try out a take on a new roofing style that is more efficient, requires less maintenance and may come with a warranty so you don't have to worry about the potential of costly repairs down the road.

Unattractive Roofing

Maybe you're looking at buying a house, but you can't take your eyes off the roof, and not for a good reason. While not as common as other reasons, unsightly roofing is a reason some people replace the roof on older homes. While older roofing may still keep the rain out, the moss covered shingles likely won't last many more years. If your roof doesn't compliment the rest of your home be sure to consider upgrading your roofing!

No matter what the reason is behind your roof replacement, it needs to be done right, by a professional roofer, such as the experts at Eagle Total Services. We offer expert roofing in Dallas/Fort Worth and the surrounding Texas communities. Our full service contractor team can handle just about any home improvement or roofing project for your residential or commercial property. We look forward to working with you on your next upgrade! To learn more or to request a quote from an expert roofer in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth or elsewhere in Texas give us a call at (817) 435-4644 today.

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Written By Brian Corey

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