6 Kinds of Damage that Can Be Caused By a Faulty Gutter System

6 Kinds of Damage that Can Be Caused By a Faulty Gutter SystemTo be sure that water is always diverted from places that it shouldn't go, it's important that your gutter system is consistently functioning at an optimal level. In the event that your gutters are in poor condition or have become clogged up, then your property can become prone to certain kinds of damage. Here's a look at six types of damage that can result from failing gutters.

Bracket Damage

When gutters become overburdened with the weight of wet leaves and other types of debris, then too much pressure can be put on the brackets.

Roof Damage

Water that overflows onto your roof because of failing gutters can then lead to rotting.

Damage to Fascia

Fascia is commonly made of wood, which means that it can become vulnerable to rot if water begins spilling over onto it.

Damage to Plants

Water that spills down and puddles in your flower beds can cause overwatering that consequently drowns your plants.

Foundation Cracking

When water isn't channeled to its proper place, it's possible for it to pool up along your home's foundation. During those coldest January nights when temperatures are freezing, it's possible that some cracking could result.

Ice Dams

Also during those freezing winter nights, water that isn't sufficiently sent away can subsequently form a dam, which could result in water seeping into your home.

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Written By Brian Corey

Published By MORBiZ