4 Benefits of Adding a Detached Garage

When it comes to home improvement projects there is no shortage of things you could do. So when it comes down to choosing what you want to accomplish you have to look at the benefits of each potential project right along with your wants and needs. While most add-ons or remodels will provide you with several advantages at home you didn't have before, some projects can add serious value. A new detached garage is a great project because it generates lots of new space without having to worry about excessive finish work that is required in the home, unless of course you want it! Here are 4 benefits of a new detached garage.

A dry place to park

Obviously, one of the best perks of building a new garage is that you will finally be able to give your daily transportation a nice and warm home for the evenings. No more waiting for the windows to thaw out in the morning!

Increased storage space

Are your home's closets and crawl spaces filled to the brim with this and that and other knick knacks? By building a new garage you can increase the storage area you have for all those things you just can't bring yourself to give to the Goodwill or simply throw away. You can finally clean out the basement and turn it into that personal paradise you've always dreamed of building.

Potential for attic apartment

Of course, depending on your wants and needs you could even add an upstairs to the garage which allows for endless possibilities of finishing. You could make the space your home office, a mother-in-law apartment, a creative studio or an entertainment facility. Dreams are all that is free, unless you act on them!

Drives up home value

A new garage is a great investment. It doesn't generally cost a ton of money to put up four walls and roof, but the added square footage can do wonders for your home's retail value. A garage could be the deciding factor for a potential buyer.

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Written By Brian Corey

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